Monday, March 15, 2010

Knock it off!

Recently a new blogger has taken the world of home bloggers by storm. Knock Off Wood is chock full of plans and designs to build your own Pottery Barn style furniture, right at home, and without paying the Pottery Barn prices. (I'm on board with that!)

Some of the plans are very elaborate, some look really easy, but the magic of this blog is you look at the plans (of any difficulty level) and think "Yeah! I could do that!"  And then you probably don't, but it sure is fun thinking you could.

Until last week this "Alaskan housewife" as she calls herself, was using PB images and furniture names to illustrate her blog, but then things got mean and nasty when PB's parent company Williams-Sonoma sent a cease-and-desist letter.

While I understand the reasons that WS has to defend their copyright, they certainly didn't win any fans by this maneuver, and definitely got the blog lots of extra attention and fans. Everyone loves a good David and Goliath story.

Anyway head on over there to see the amazing furniture building that is going on, thanks to Knock Off Wood.

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