Thursday, March 11, 2010

It all makes scents

I have this need to have my house smell good. I don't want it to smell like cooking, or like our 3 cats, or like feet (now, thanks to the boy) or diapers (back in the day).

I don't want my kids to invite friends over, and all that their friends remember is the house smelled funny. (I admit it, I remember thinking this about a friend's house in 4th grade. Robin, I'm sorry.)

Bargain Hunters is talking about this topic today, in a discussion titled "How do you make your house smell yummy?" and I gleaned a few ideas. I already do the simmer-cinnamon-sticks-in-apple-juice bit, but I love the idea of filling my sink and dumping in a cleaning product to make the house smell like I've just mopped the floors. Since I never actually mop this is even more clever!

Like me though, most people use candles or plug-ins, and a few mentioned Scentsy, the first time I ever heard of it. (Really. If they paid me right here is where the disclaimer would go.) A few people said they just bake a lot, but of course that has it's own hazards.....

About a year ago the amazing folks over at Young House Love had an easy DYI Reed Diffuser that I've been  meaning to try out. Maybe this will inspire me!

Mostly though I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with having a good-smelling house for guests to come in to.

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