Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Center Junkie

I should know better than to head to any garden center or nursery because I get so excited and full of ideas for the garden I can't stop tossing new plants into the cart.

Today went to Home Depot (shame shame, we should shop local every time, but it is so near us) just to get a bag of dirt (potting mix) because we needed to transplant our zucchini plants which were looking unhappy and didn't seem about to pop out any actual zucchini. Went in for dirt (potting mix), came out with a sunflower.

Honestly, I have a problem. And I have a new sunflower to love.

In other news, our tomatoes are coming along nicely. Here is a shot of our one orange tomato right now (it is supposed to be orange, that is the kind of tomato it is...); in a few weeks it looks like we'll have a ton of them plus a lot of Romas (which are supposed to be red).

P.S. Turns out there are male zucchini flowers and female zucchini flowers and if you don't have the females ones you don't get any actual zucchini. We......wait for it....have all males. (You'd think I would have researched this before we bought the zucchini plants, but no. Remember my garden-center-impulse-buying-habit from above? Yeah.)

I'm not sure how to solve this zucchini gender-orientation problem, but with any luck it'll call for a trip to a garden center. And naturally I'll come home with a new magnolia tree or something.

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